Permanent Magnet DC Motors - OPTI 4000 Series

Item # OPTI 4018

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The OPTI 4000 provides the ultimate combination of design flexibility and performance. The unique rectangular shaped metal yoke yields high output torques in a compact size.




Voltage Range 12 up to 130 V
Speed 0 up to 3500 rpm
Continuous Torque DC Rating1 85.0 in-oz
Continuous Torque SCR Rating 43.0 in-oz
Weight 8.10 lbs
HP Rating 0 up to 1/5
Max. Shaft Diameter 0.500 in.
Standard Pilot Diameter 2.015 in.
L1 M1500 5.970/5.930 in.
L2 M1503 5.470/5.430 in.
Insulation Class "F"
Lead Length 8 in.

1 DC rating based on 1.00 formfactor; SCR rating based on 1.4 formfactor, 25 Deg. C ambient

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